Our Dog Behavior Training program is broken down in to four sessions which are designed to establish or reestablish appropriate behavior in your pet. Each session is broken down in to your attended time spent with your dog, unattended time spent with your dog, and the importance of both.

Trainer Rick Comstock gives dog handling instructions to a woman.

Session 01

Session one gives instruction on how to use the equipment such as leashes, collars, crates, kennels and more. This equipment will be part of early education so that they are not a "life sentence" but merely the tools we need to complete the work. Through these tools we'll teach you how to deal with the immediate and most common problems such as jumping, biting and house-educate, etc.

Session 02

This session teaches tolerances and ratios. There are games we play with any and all the children we can find (tolerances). In these games we become more effective with the equipment (ratios).

Session 03

Session three instructs on appropriate walk etiquette and will introduce you to some simple but life-saving tasks. How to take an enjoyable walk and the difference between "range" and position". Sit, Heel, Sit, the proper way that we cross streets.

Session 04

The final session is what we call the illusion of freedom. We are now ready to create this illusion that allows us to see what work we have left without giving up safety or control. We can give our pet more freedom and be convinced that equipment is no longer a factor.

Man holding an attentive dog on a leash.

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