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Rick instructing german shepherd not to react to threat.

Pets For Protection

Pets for Protection was founded in 1971 with the idea that far too many dogs of good temperament were losing their homes. Poor behavior seemed to be their common bond. Whether it be simple puppy exuberance or down right viciousness it was and still is costiing many dogs their homes and even their life. It was obvious that not only did these dogs need help but even more important their owners needed help. Here is where we com in.

At your request, a trainer will come to your home, discuss your specific problems and how to resolve them. Explain our training programs, techniques and schedules. If deemed appropriate we can schedule you and your dog in a program that will help insure your pet has a home for life.

So please, call us for an evaluation. Any dog, any problem, any age, we don’t believe it’s ever too late.

Rick Comstock sitting with a rottweiler on the grass.

Rick Comstock, Owner and Professional Trainer

Rick Comstock has over 50 years experience training dogs in a variety of applications. Sentry and patrol dogs, special service dogs, sporting dogs, guide dogs, personal protection dogs and family dogs. He founded Pets for Protection in 1971 and has worked with thousands of dogs and their owners in thousands of environments. This experience has given him an insight to the family pet that very few trainers have. His techniques and methods in home behavior and home protection are proven over years of application with a positive common sense approach. He has worked with just about every known breed of dog in the country as well as many of the rare breeds with less popularity.

Call Pets for Protection today to schedule a training for you, your company, or your family.

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Pets For Protection

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