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Pets for Protection provides professional one-on-one  dog training in the Intermountain Western United States for a variety of dog training applications and breeds.

Man in a bite suit running from a rottweiler.

Protection and Training Programs


Protection Training

This training program is designed to teach both dog and owner the basis of understanding how we get the dog to recognize and react to a threat. Tasks included: Recognizing and reacting to a threat,  and command response to protect.

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Man in a bite suit running from a rottweiler.


Behavior Training

Our Behavior Training Program is designed to establish or reestablish appropriate behavior in your pet. Your time spent with your dog is broken down into attended or unattended time and the importance of both.

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Boy petting a rottweiler.


Occupational Bite Prevention

Pets for Protection combines classroom training and hands-on experience to help attendees successfully develop the skills to prevent dog attacks and serious injury.

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Rick Comstock speaking to a group of people in the bite prevention course.
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Over 50 Years Experience in Protection and Behavior Training

Rick Comstock has over 50 years experience training dogs in a variety of applications. Sentry and Patrol Dogs, Special Service Dogs, Sporting Dogs, Guide Dogs, Personal Protection Dogs and Family Dogs. He founded Pets for Protection in 1971 and has worked with thousands of dogs and their owners in thousands of environments. This experience has given him an insight to the family pet that very few trainers have. His techniques and methods in home behavior and home protection are proven over years of application with a positive common sense approach. He has worked with just about every known breed of dog in the country as well as many of the rare breeds with less popularity.

Trusted and knowledgeable Professional Dog Training

The Best in the State

Rick is hands down the best dog trainer in the entire State!

Jordyn A.


Man performing dog training with a bite sleeve.

Rick demonstrated professional knowledge of dog behavior and also defense techniques.

Meter Reader, Pacific Power
Albany, Oregon

Black dog at attention.
Great Course

Rick does a great job of explaining how a dog thinks and reacts etc.

Installer, Utah Power

Salt Lake City, Utah

Rick Comstock showing a woman how to properly hold a dog on a leash.

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